In a room where wood whispers tales of time,
Under lights that hum with knowledge's glow,
Mirrors line the walls, in silent rhyme,
Reflecting paths that only seekers know.
The carpet, worn, a stage of earthen hue, 
Holds a dancer, swift in taekwondo's art, 
Black belt adorned with golden bars, a clue, 
To a journey deep, a disciplined heart.
In his motion, echoes of Jidokwan, 
The balance of fierce might and tranquil mind, 
Each snap, each turn, a testament that spans, 
A legacy of wisdom, undefined.
The door, ajar, symbol of quest unbound, 
Where questions asked, in answers profound are found.
Mirrors gaze back with truths untold, In his reflection, stories bold, 
Of struggles faced, of victories won, In every fierce, completed run.
The space between each breath he takes, 
A world of learning, each move makes, In every turn, a lesson learned, 
In every fall, respect earned.
So in this hall of mirrored dreams, 
Where every light with purpose beams, 
A young man finds his spirit's door, 
In Jidokwan, forevermore.
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