Samuel (Sam) Crowe's journey from the scenic foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in East Tennessee to a fulfilling career on the Oregon coast encapsulates a profound narrative of artistic passion and professional evolution. Born into a family where creativity was not just encouraged but flourished—with his father's proficiency in oil painting, his brother's talent for drawing, his mother's knack for crafts, and his sister's enthusiasm for music and art—it seemed predestined that Sam would dedicate his life to the arts.
Embarking on his formal education in art and design, Sam attended East Tennessee State University, where he not only pursued but excelled in his Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) with a concentration in Graphic Design. This period was marked by his early ventures into the professional realm as a freelancer in web design, illustration, and graphic design, catering to a diverse clientele both locally and internationally.
After completing his undergraduate degree, Sam's career took him to Indiana to join Sunstorm Interactive, a company celebrated for its budget PC games such as "Deer Hunter" and "Wild Wings." His journey continued to upstate New York, where he contributed his talents to Vicarious Visions, a company known for its specialization in handheld games. This professional trajectory was intertwined with his academic pursuits, leading Sam back to East Tennessee State University to attain his Master of Fine Arts (MFA) with a focus on Drawing/Illustration. It was during this chapter of his life that he met Carol, who would become his partner in both life and adventure.
After achieving his MFA, Sam and Carol embarked on a journey across the United States, eventually returning to Tennessee. Here, Sam assumed a pivotal role as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Art at Tusculum College (now University), where he was instrumental in developing a new curriculum and area of study for the Visual Communication Major.
The call for a deeper understanding of the human psyche led Sam to pursue another master's degree, this time in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Walden University. Currently serving as a Mental Health Clinician for a public mental health agency in Oregon, Sam regards this role not merely as a job but as a calling—a vocation where he finds unparalleled satisfaction and acceptance. His commitment to aiding others is paralleled by his passion for art; in his leisure, Sam continues to create graphic novels, short stories, and illustrated poems, generously sharing his work without the intent of commercial gain, allowing unrestricted access to those who find solace or inspiration in his artistry.
Other areas of note about Sam include: A diverse history of competitive Martial Arts, 2nd Dan in TaeKwonDo, cross training in Judo, Hapkido, Escrima, and Boxing. Joined the Marine Corps Infantry at age 18. Much like his sister, he loves music of all types and will often be found listening to music at all times, even at work with clients.
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