In the twilight of his years, the man stands, Where once a dojang's lively echoes rang, Its walls and mirrors, now just memories grand, Yet in his heart, the martial rhythms hang.
No longer does his body leap and spin, Nor does his kick snap sharply in the air, But wisdom's journey, fervent, dwells within, In quiet thought, he moves with seasoned care.
He recalls the poomsae, the discipline, Each movement etched in mind's unyielding grasp, A lifetime's learning, skin-deep and within, In every breath, the past's firm hand to clasp.
The old ways, a beacon through time's thick fog, Guiding him as he navigates life's bog.
His journey now, a different kind of fight, Not in a dojang, but in the mind's vast space, Applying old truths to modern plight, With inner strength, time's swift pace to face.
The mirrors of reflection now are gone, Replaced by introspection's deeper sea, In this new quest, his spirit marches on, Unbound by age, in wisdom's quest, he's free.
So onward walks the man, once young and bold, Carrying knowledge like stories untold, In life's grand dojang, his insights unfold, A timeless journey, as new chapters told.
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