We see our brave Sifu Sassy practicing her Sassy Fu in preparation for the final battle with Lord Dyson Turbo in his dark and twisted tower.
The denizens of the village go about their activities unaware of what is about to take place in the evil castle in the distance.
Sifu Sassy Enters the Evil tower and searches for Lord Dyson Turbo.  Sifu Sassy soon realizes that her foe has found her at the top of the tower.
Battle ensues as Sifu Sassy faces off against the maniacal Lord Dyson Turbo..and his vacuum accessories. 
An unassuming worker in the bowels of the castle goes about his duties while the watchful minion of Lord Dyson Turbo looks on. Both seemingly unaware of the battle on the top floor.
This is no ordinary slave of Lord Dyson Turbo. Knowing that the battle has started, our unassuming worker makes short work of the evil minions as he prepares for his journey to the top of the tower
It appears that Sifu Sassy's cunning plan includes a secret weapon. Enter Dutch, the Crimson Lotus Samurai. Dutch, knowing that his time for battle has come, dawns his sacred armor and quickly makes his way to the top of the tower.
ifu Sassy has reached her Limit! She has managed to destroy all of the accessories and only wound Lord Dyson Turbo. Is this is the end of Sifu Sassy! How can this be! What about the villagers, who will save them now...
Dutch has come face to face with the evil Lord Dyson Turbo. Showing no fear with only a hard stoic glare, the Crimson Lotus Samurai carefully eases into an offensive stance, ready to strike...
Lord Dyson Turbo enrages at the sight of the mighty Crimson Lotus Samurai and immediately attacks with all his might and power. The Crimson Lotus Samurai presses forward into the fury of Lord Dyson Turbo's onslaught.
Imbued by the mystical energies of Sifu Sassy, the Crimson Lotus Samurai stands victorious as the maniacal Lord Dyson Turbo is no more. Only wreckage remains of his evil reign of terror.
A quite ease falls over the village as the reign of Lord Dyson Turbo ends, so too does the oppression of villagers. The sudden lifting of a dark burden is felt throughout the village as they all look up to the castle and watch it slowly sink back into the earth.
Now is the time for celebration. The villagers and our heroes frequent many Sake Bars in this ancient village as the celebration lasts until early morning the following day. A new holiday is placed into the sacred scrolls to commemorate this special day. Every year, the village celebrates the victory over Lord Dyson Turbo by stopping all work and having a day of play and drinking.
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