In the quiet of dawn, when the world's hush is deep,
Your memory, dear brother, is mine to keep.
Ten years you led, a guiding star so bright,
In your shadow, I grew, bathed in your light.
You were more than a sibling, a mentor, a guide,
In the chapters of childhood, by my side, you'd reside.
Your laughter, a melody, in my heart's silent song,
In the essence of you, I find myself strong.
Through trials and joys, your wisdom was my map,
In the tapestry of life, we shared a common thread's wrap.
Now you've journeyed afar, where I cannot see,
Yet, in the mirror of time, your reflection's in me.
In each step I take, in the words I impart,
In the pulse of my being, you're a part of my heart.
Your spirit, undimmed, in my actions does live,
In the love that you gave, in the lessons you give.
For though you have left, your legacy's clear,
In my deeds, in my dreams, you are always near.
In the whisper of wind, in the rustle of leaves,
In the courage you've sown, that my soul now weaves.
So, dear brother, though you've taken your flight,
In the core of my being, you're a beacon of light.
In my journey ahead, your memory I'll carry,
In the legacy you left, through me, you'll tarry.
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