For you mom! Based on the song "Moma Tried" by Merle Haggard.
In the hills of Tennessee, under skies so wide and blue,
A mother's love, a guiding light, in everything I do.
She wore the white of healing hands, her spirit strong and true,
Her hopes for me, a boundless sea, in shades of deepest hue.
From dawn till dusk, she toiled away, her care never did tire,
In humble home, her heart did roam, to lift me ever higher.
"Mama tried," the whisper on the wind, her voice a gentle choir,
Her lessons taught, with love she brought, to quench my youthful fire.
But I, a restless spirit, sought the path less trod and worn,
Through fields of green, in scenes unseen, my heart was split and torn.
Mama's words, like seeds sown deep, awaited dawn’s new morn,
Yet I chose paths, in aftermath, that left her heart forlorn.
Through crossroads, fields, and open doors, her love did chase my shadow,
A beacon bright in darkest night, through every high and low.
Her steadfast hope, a lifeline thrown, in life’s relentless flow,
"Mama tried," a mantra cried, in love’s eternal glow.
As years did pass, the boy now grown, reflections in the sun,
Of work and play, and dreams astray, and all that I had won.
Upon the porch, we shared our tales, of all that we’d become,
In her eyes, the truth lies, of battles fought and done.
So here’s a tale, from hills so green, where Tennessee skies unfold,
A song of love, from above, a story age-old.
"Mama tried," the heart's cry, in warmth against the cold,
A bond unbreak, for love’s sake, a treasure to behold.
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