Still keep on waiting all the time 
But you just won’t show 
Say will you ever... 
Will you ever come back to me? 
Oh well, I don’t know
While through all these days I can’t stop holding on 
To a tale that might get lost in the pulse of time 
But then how can we forget how it felt to be in that... 
Glorious daze! 
Oh, when you were mine 
And I was truly yours!
I don’t even know what I miss the most about you 
Is it your kiss or just your clownish smile? 
While I keep telling myself by the turn of every Tarot card 
That one day it will be just fine
Freedom’s overrated, unless it’s freedom of the mind! 
I thought that we belong together, but I may have been blind 
Ain’t no matter what anybody’s going to say about us 
It’ll all be alright
‘Cause all we got to do is just to trust in ourselves and 
See how things turn out fine 
It ain’t no matter what you’re going to do about it 
Somehow you’ll always be mine
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